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  1. What is Ecett? Ecett is a network based on the model of the Journeymen: training through travel, exchanges with peers and building together a repository of good practices. Participants organize personalised meetings and exchanges with their peers in the scope of lifelong learning.
  2. Why Ecett? Are you facing professional challenges? Do you want to improve your skills and to be inspired by innovating practices? If yes, Ecett might be an excellent learning tool for you.
  3. How does it work? Have a look at our website, read the charter of ethics and download the « partnership agreement » form (tab « Mission and Method »). Fill it and send it back to or to the helpdesk of your country (tab « Contact us »). If you want to have a  look at our database of good practices, ask your login to the e-learning platform (tab « Mission and Method »).
  4. How to get Mobility grants for travel? Ecett supports your organization to introduce an application for Mobility grants to Erasmus+ (once a year in February)
  5. More about Ecett ? Open the links of the summary (top right on the homepage of our website): testimonies, host institutions, bulletins, etc. You may also contact one of our helpdesks or

Note: Ecett has been built by partner organizations of the EFTC, with the support of the EU and is a learning tool supported by the EFTC.